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Stay Positive

Prayers can improve a person's mental health, such as reducing anxiety and depression

  • Say positive things

  • Surround yourself with positive people

  • Sabotage negative thoughts

  • Shield yourself from negativity

  • See the silver lining in all situations

  • Speak who you are (e.g. don't say things that you don't want to be called like lazy, stupid, etc.)

  • Say and do to others what you want others to do and say to you.

  • Stay in your lane.  Mind your own business.

  • Stay optimistic

  • Specific situations may be hard to stay positive but be persistent

  • Solve issues

  • Strive to overcome negativity

Ask Yourself:

1.  How do you stay positive?

2.  How do you handle situations beyond your control?

3.  How will this impact you?

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