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Eagle Flying


Strive to be Better


Prayers can improve a person's mental health, such as reducing anxiety and depression

  • Show your superpowers

  • Shine

  • Soul Search

  • Stay true to yourself

  • See greatness in yourself

  • Set High Standards

  • Spread your wings

  • Soar like an eagle

  • Strengthen/Sharpen your skills

  • Share your talents with the world

  • Sense of accomplishment and progress

  • Spend six minutes at least a day doing something everyday to improve yourself, skill, habit, building your character

  • Stop worrying about what others think or say.  

  • Step up your game
  • Super Hero

Ask Yourself:

1.  What do you do everyday to be better?

2.  What is your super power?

3.  How will this impact you?

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