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Creative Thoughts


Strengthen your Mind

Prayers can improve a person's mental health, such as reducing anxiety and depression

  • Shift your mindset and thinking

  • Step out of your comfort zone

  • Strengthen your deeper level of thinking

  • Stand up for yourself

  • Stand up for what you believe in

  • Solid definitions

  • Self-doubt none

  • Surmount obstacles

  • Smart, sensible, and solid decisions

  • Steer through adversity and learn from it

  • Six layers deep 

  • Say it over and over until it is engrained in your brain (mantras, affirmations, declarations, etc.

  • Six quotes or words of wisdom that strengthened your mind

  • Solve puzzles

Ask Yourself:

1.  What do you do to strengthen your mind?

2.  What questions do you ask yourself?

3.  How will this impact you?

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Image by Natasha Connell
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