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My Story

My entire life I’ve been chasing the American Dream. I was more focused on money, status, and material wealth rather than on my health. Health and wealth are both important and are necessary to survive but when the world became affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, I was more concerned about my job and finances. During this time, I became ill (thank god not with the coronavirus) and I came to the realization that my health is what really matters because without it, my wealth is meaningless.


I created a website that promotes a powerful message,

Health > Wealth (,

a simple expression that changed my life.

A reminder that health is our greatest investment

and should not be taken for granted.


Now I focus more on my “health worth” versus my net worth. The numbers that I chase are my hours of sleep, the number of daily steps, number of books that I read, my heart rate, my glucose and blood pressure levels, etc. These are the numbers that matter. So I can enjoy what is important to me which is my family.


Now I am the CEO of my Health and I want to make Health a part of the American Dream!

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