1. Start your day with a Prayer
Say a prayer or scriptures to see if this works.
Our Father who art in heaven hallow be thy name.
Thy kingdom come thy will
be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our daily bread.
2. State what you are grateful for
3. Stimulate the Mind
4. Stress Management
Suppress the cortisol stress hormone level:
*Meditate, brain entrainment, deep breathing
*Seek social support to help with stressors
*Sixteen simple steps outlined here
5. Seek Stillness
6.  Stop and Smell the Roses
7. Stay Connected
8.  Strive to be Better
9. Stay Motivated
10. Stay Positive
11. Say and See it over & over
Schedule your Day
13. Source of Happiness
14. Self
15.  Sing a Song
16.  Strong State of Mind
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